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Raven Molloy on Buy-to-Rent Investors in the Single Family Housing Market

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Thanks to Raven Molloy for leading a recent Urban Seminar based on her paper, "Large-Scale Buy-to-Rent Investors in the Single-Family Housing Market: The Emergence of a New Asset Class?"

The NYU Urban Seminar is co-hosted by The Marron Institute, the Urbanization Project, the Furman Center, and the Center for Real Estate Finance Research.


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Raven Molloy

Raven Molloy

Senior Economist, Federal Reserve System


Raven Molloy is the Senior Economist and on the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.

Ph.D., Economics, Harvard University, 2005
M.A., Economics, Harvard University, 2003
B.A., Economics, University of Virginia, 1997

Current Research Topics
Migration within the United States
Causes and Consequences of Vacancy/Foreclosure

Fields of Interest
Urban Rural and Regional Economics
Labor Economics

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