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Tatiana Peralta-Quirós on Urban Accessibility

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Thanks to Tatiana Peralta-Quirós for leading a recent discussion based on her work on urban mobility, employment accessibility, spatial analytics; and the new ways the World Bank has been using data to understand urban transportation projects.

Tile image courtesty of the Asian Development Bank.

Tatiana Peralta Quiros

Tatiana Peralta Quiros

Urban Mobility & Technology Specialist, The World Bank


Tatiana Peralta-Quiros is an urban mobility and technology specialist in the Urban Development and Resilience Unit of the World Bank. Prior to joining the Bank, Tatiana graduated from MIT's Civil and Environmental Engineering School Master program in Transportation. While pursuing her Master’s Degree, she worked in the Transit Lab, focusing in the transit operations, urban systems, land use and transit models. Tatiana also has undergraduate degrees in Applied Mathematics in Urban Planning from Harvard University. During her studies she worked in cities in the US, Spain, Brazil, Colombia, and Costa Rica.

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